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Maastricht tweede ronde
Good evening, 
let me apologise for not writing in Dutch. 
I would like to know if anybody could be so kind to give/write/direct about the content of the second round of the selection for the English medicine track at UM. I am “familiar” with part of test but as for the iq computer based part, I would like to know if it’s similar to which test: is it pattern sequences, number sequences or what? This is my concern so to speak.

 As for the second part I understand candidate are asked to write a brief response (a timed one) to a medical,pbl, ecc situation. 

Ps: In the videos part usually how many questions per video: three or four and how many minutes to respond? Three or four?

Thank you!
Hi, are you aware that the second round of selection took place weeks ago (27 Feb). Are you therefore asking to gather information or have you already participated in it and want to know how everyone did?

Have a nice day
Hello, yes , I know it already took place. I am trying to understand what is the content. Specifically, if it contains questions like the one mentioned (percentages, number or figures pattern) OR only situational judgments videos and aptitude tests? If by any chance somebody could say just how many questions per video.
Thank you!
Unfortunately, I signed an Nda so i can't say anything related to the content and what the second selection round entailed.
I understand, thanks.

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